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Few people were asking me if we could JavaScript to build a BlockChain app and certainly, there are resources available to build such an app. Nowadays people went crazy after hearing someone working on BlockChain and let me tell you it’s not that much complicated. It’s just like an ordinary project but with more set of rules to follow and If you made no mistake then voila you are ahead with the BlockChain.

What is a BlockChain?

A blockchain is a set of blocks chain together when combining generating information about certain transactions or series of steps. For Example, whenever you made any bank…

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Do you ever feel that you should be fast, better in performance but something you can’t control, right? but what if you remove your data processing from the endpoint, it’s definitely going to save your time. Here comes caching as a rescue, you can store data in ram and whenever it needed it prompt up quickly, the reason is simple, caching serves from the RAM and not from the disk memory. But the question is, should we cache everything? Let’s discuss this thing in detail.

What is Caching?

Whenever we use any dataset/database for any kind of application, it serves from the disk…

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Every day we developers are doing code, no matter what we ain’t stopping, and luckily we can’t stop ourselves either. Most of us might use a different kind of text editor and there are people who use VScode for code (Including me).

Every day new and new features are adding to the list of vs and in this article, you will see some of the extensions which are not very known but I prefer when I start to code. Disclaimer, This list is not exhaustive or equalize so please don’t get trigger if your favorite extension is not present.

Dracula Theme


Role-Based Access Like a Pro Article
Role-Based Access Like a Pro Article
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Do you ever want to create an App where there is a different kind of users are going to use the app?

Several Questions are must be there in your mind. How are you going to restrict users for a specific action? How you are managing the security of the system in that case? How the hell you are suppose to generate a Token for them.

Today, we are going to talk about how you can create an app that will generate the token for any role and validate that like a pro.


We are going to use Node Js…

Hey There, Hope you guys are doing well. Today we will be discussing how we can limit the rate request on a particular API, we call this terminology a Rate-Limiting.

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Rate-limiting in API is used to control the rate of requests sent by clients having the same IP. It can be used to prevent Proxy data or DoS attacks and limit web scraping for the content.


To make use of this article at the peak, one needs to know

  • What is an API?

API(Application Programming Interface) is the communication unit between client and data (Can be database). You…

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